Faithful Brave & Honest

by The Honorable South

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scott j grabinski
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scott j grabinski This album makes me very very happy. I just discovered them, but I feel like their music has been with me forever. Kind of like New Orleans itself. Favorite track: Faithful Brave & Honest.
Qween T
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Qween T Grit, grime and soul is how I can describe this music. I love how they are different from anything I have ever heard and it is real good music!!! I can't pick my favorite song right now I'll hafta come back and let you know:) Favorite track: Bass on the Pavement.
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Written by Charm Taylor He said he’s going to Miami going to smoke a fat cigar maybe go fishing probably fishing at a bar. For those ladies looking nice their skirts are all tight He’s got to find out why her hair is on fire and her eyes are too He likes those gold rings reminds him of a time we’ve been wearing gold since the Nubians baby since the pyramids The last time I lived this life we were invincible and we knew that it wasn’t right to take somebody’s kin folk life, you say bodies on the floor man I claim lives Hell is getting heavy that's why he’s going to Miami.
Written by Charm Taylor I was wrong it was you all along standing in the front standing in the song I don’t always get what I want, but there will always be a sun. There will always be a moon. There will always be a me. There will always be a you. Shining on both of us seeing both sides of us I was wrong.
Written by Charm Taylor and Charles Lumar II I wore my shoulders bare, I’ve been thinking about loving you in my mind. I’m ready our love is overdue. I wore my shoulders bare I wore by favorite dress for you. I’ve been thinking about love in my mind. I’m yours be my paradise. My mind is filled with questions and when I’m near you we find answers. I want you to breathe deep and take chances on being my paradise. Just like the sun shines you’re mine. You’re on my mind. Our love is overdue. Be my paradise.
Written by Charm Taylor and Charles Lumar II You bought me a watch when I asked you for your time such a sad sad sad story sometimes. Now you want to know why I’m telling you goodbye such a sad sad sad memory sometimes, but the best of the worst part of it all is I don’t have to pick myself up off the floor and I don’t. It's best you go your way and I will carve out mine starting over is such a lonely road sometimes, but I’m fine told myself I’m fine. Now I’m riding around in your part of town and you’re not by my side so many familiar faces our favorite places and you’re nowhere in sight, but I keep my head held high I’m going to be just fine. If you find yourself with somebody else know that I’m living alright.
Written by Charm Taylor Baby it would be nice if you would come see me I know you had to think twice to even believe me You said ‘love me, love me’, either you love me or you leave me alone but I can’t leave you alone. You got me sitting waiting. I’m waiting by the telephone. Baby it would be nice if you would come see me. I miss the way you stare in my eyes because only you can see me. Baby won’t you stop that, you’re going to be mad bad if somebody else picks up where you left off.
Written by Charm Taylor Why do I have such a hard time praying? I want your love but I need some saving. They don’t want to see me break. They don’t want to see me make it out Because that would mean I’m brave. They don’t want to see me break and they don’t want me to make it out, because that would mean I’m brave and honest. See I am alive and unafraid. They don’t want fires ablaze, because that would mean we made it out, and trust me you will make it out. You will make it out the trap. I was honest. I was faithful, brave and honest And that would mean, well that would make us brave To say ‘I made it out the trap and I was faithful, brave and honest’ I got bit by a bug the other day. He told me ‘listen.’ He said, ‘If you see a good fight, jump in it. I didn’t make the rules of the game, still winning’. Well that would make me faithful but Why do I have such a hard time praying?
Written by Charm Taylor Bottle popping champagne on the dance floor .Man, somebody must have paved a way for you. Made it easy for you to live care free, because if champagne’s on the dance floor, then life is just a dollar bill Won’t you save a dime there for we? These are the times. We are the blind. What do you have to say for yourself today? You did a whole lot of complaining and lots of statements were closed minded But what did you have to say aloud today? But you’re making it rain on the dance floor man When you can’t sleep at night, how do you close your eyes?
Written by Charm Taylor & Charles Lumar II Too Tall don’t want to work at the shopping mall no more she wants to be a model for the movies and commercials. In 1984 she locked her front door keys in the back door, and left Ohio headed to Chicago. In a split second she started feeling everything around her seemed a bit different Everything around her seemed superficial and everyone around her seemed a bit vicious, but them boys they were with it and other girls were with it too. Our hero started believing she’s the only one speaking truth. It’s you first time being alone. Life has always been outside your window. You just had to step outside. Hazel don’t want to work at the video store no more. She wants be an actress she’s been saving up for classes. In 1994 she locked her front door keys in the back door packed her bags and moved to L.A. the city where the angels stay. The freedom of tomorrow is you don’t have to sell your soul.
Written by Charm Taylor They say ‘who’s that living her life doing exactly it is what she likes?’ Then they say ‘baby you can’t do that’ and I say ‘mama watch me prove it despite’ All of your nay saying criticism mad at me and my individualism lets settle this ya’ll once and for all. The question is: have you ever met yourself before? I got dealt a rough hand of cards but I played it. My journey’s been long and hard so far a few scars but I made it and I stopped living in your shadows a long time ago You might not know my name, but I can’t be the same. I might just change the game. I’m fierce, electric, imperfect, and infectious.
Written by Charles Lumar II & Charm Taylor I don’t know where you’re from and you don’t know what I’ve done But we both know we’ve only just begun. We stayed up and chased the sun. And you told me where you’re from, but darling we both know what we’ve just begun. If there was only one place for us to meet and if we only had one thing that we were supposed to see if we find ourselves together or find ourselves apart Just know that I had fun, and now you know all I’ve done. Darling we both know the end will never come. I want you stay where you’re at because I love where you’re from. You didn’t mind all that I have done. I hope the end will never come. You hope the end will never come. We stayed up we chased the sun I hope the end will never come.
Written by Charm Taylor You might hear bass on the pavement when I walk by You say she’s oh ‘MS. Determined.’ ‘Oh Ms. Fierce’ Little MS. been working all these years. Once had a bucket full of tears, but I poured them out onto the ground. They helped me swim on through, because I felt just like you worried and confused darling, worried to my shoes. That's why you hear bass. No lie most of my advice came from crooks and thieves, OGs crooks and thieves. While you tucked in tight I was rubbing my eyes under streetlights and chasing dreams. We were card playing hair braiding ball playing chasing dreams and though I’ve lost their names, I still see their faces so you might hear bass on the pavement. I’ve been running most of my life You might hear bass on the pavement, I’ve been running barefoot and blind.
Written by Charm Taylor You say things get better before they get worse, but I see struggle I see your hurt. I see your struggle I know you’ve been burned. I see your struggle but I know your worth Be your light. I can see your light. Won’t you glow more shine? Help me breathe more life. The rest of your life’s waiting to find you and you’ve been neglecting what's inside you. Your ancestors have been waiting to guide you. You’ve been protected look at blessed you. Don’t count your blessings look at blessed you; in the flesh you. Be your light well I can see your light. Want you to glow more shine. Help me breathe more life.
Written by Charm Taylor Well you were born into a world where the crabs in the barrel snap at your ankles You felt like an angel screaming from hell. You’re a rose that grew from concrete streets. You’ve got stories only the cracks in the road or the scars on your heart could tell. Someday the clouds in the sky will open up. You’re going to feel the hairs on the back of your neck spring up. Walk without fear and live inspired. Me and my tribe are lions for higher. You can’t keep us caged because we’re destined for more. Your dream is your arrow and your heart is your bow. You have to grind like you’ve never had it. You have to hunt like you’ve never had it. When you leave light a fire on the path but never look back. Share the world with the vultures and the rats, the snakes in the grass, the cops and the robbers want you to eat last. You’re a child that’s born before your time and every time you grind, your purpose is on your mind. You never know until you try.
Written by Charm Taylor I had a party and the law walked in. Me and my folks stood swinging, still swinging up in there. I told him ‘Mr. Lawman, I ain’t going nowhere until we get out of here so you can get out of here with all of that’. He came back and said ‘Lil miss, you’re getting out of pocket’.Well frankly sir, I think you’re off of topic. See you and your kind think you’ve got a lot of power since you’ve got a lot of money in your money bags.’ but I work for everything I have. Don’t you work for everything you have? Big moneybags, getting greedy, and making plans. Behind closed doors but didn’t tell any one of us. Baby bring that money back. Bring the seed back. Bring that land back. Bring that peace back. Empty out your moneybags.


Faithful Brave & Honest is the band's sophomore release.


released May 2, 2014

“Faithful Brave & Honest” performed by The Honorable South
All songs produced, arranged, and mixed, by Danny Kartel DKNO Productions
Engineered at ‘Medicine Cabinet Recording Studios, Baton Rouge, La.
Licensing inquiries: Tim Kappel Lassiter, Tidwell & Davis, PLLC

Charm Taylor Vocals
Matthew Rosenbeck Guitar
Danny Kartel Guitar
Charles Lumar II Bass
Jamal Batiste Drums
“Overdue” Accompanying Vocals by Charles Lumar II
“Love me or Leave me Alone” features Soulja Slim
“St. Charles Parish” features Spider Stacy (tin whistle)
“Lions for Higher” produced by Flight School Productions


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The Honorable South New Orleans, Louisiana

Come alive with foot-stompin’, truth tellin’, electric soul rock-n-roll band: The Honorable South. Timeless Americana songwriting, raw rock anthem energy, 808s, guitar licks, feel good verses, and soulful roots commentary drive this inimitable creative force.
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